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Our Story

Built together

from the ground up

We are a small business with big personality—whether it’s first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon, we love chatting with guests while sharing Haida Gwaii’s rich cultural history. It’s hard not to feel a lasting impression from these lands and hearing stories from our visitors never gets old.

Over the years, JAGs has evolved to serve the community of Haida Gwaii and its visitors from afar. From our early beginnings as a flower shop in 1996 to the bustling coffee shop and guest rooms we are today—it has been a journey. One that we wake up grateful to be on every day.
JAGS is built on family. We are passionate about creating a space that feels like home. A space where everyone who passes through our doors feels welcome.

When it comes to running our business, we’re all hands on deck. Each day, Jags might be heard sharing stories with guests, while Sue seamlessly operates the business behind the scenes. You will also find Khataya and Jaada at the till and espresso machine chatting with locals and sharing a smile. 


Connections First

coffee & conversation

For our family, it’s not all about profit—it’s about getting to know every person that chooses to spend their time at JAGS. We acknowledge and appreciate all walks of life and embrace people for who they are. While most people would say we are in the business of coffee and accommodations, we prefer to say we're in the business of building relationships and bettering lives.